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Maeve Whelan (Dip Obs & Gyn MSc SMISCP)


Maeve Whelan is a Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist in private practice in Dublin with over 25 years experience in Women’s Health. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, has a diploma in Physiotherapy in Obstetrics & Gynaecology also from Trinity College and more recently a Masters by Research from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.


In 1993 Maeve set up Milltown Physiotherapy Clinic, which now has 13 Chartered Physiotherapists and 6 reception staff . She treats pelvic floor dysfunction in men, women and children including bladder and bowel dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, overactive pelvic floor disorders and chronic pelvic pain.

Maeve teaches pelvic floor assessment and manual therapy of the pelvic floor to physiotherapy colleagues nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Clinical Interest Group of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists – Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health & Continence, the Pelvic Obstetric & Gynaecologic Physiotherapists, UK, the International Continence Society, the International Pelvic Pain Society and is Physiotherapy Ambassador from Ireland to the International Urogynaecology Association.


Maeve was awarded the title Specialist Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists in 2008 and again in 2013.

Release to Balance DVD – by Maeve Whelan
a production of pelvicphysiotherapy.com

Release to Balance was produced to take women through the steps of releasing the pelvic floor muscles before strengthening

“We learn best through illustration and practical teaching and this is provided in the DVD”

At the end you will understand the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles , how to release, how to correctly contract and how to engage the pelvic floor in core body control.

In addition there is a section talking through the sequence of a daily exercise programme for practice.

Take a look at one of the chapters where the exercise Flop & Drop  from the Releasing Exercises is explained by Maeve Whelan.

BOOK – Chronic Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction; Practical Physical Medicine
Leon Chaitow & Ruth Lovegrove Jones (Editors)

Beth Shelley, Doctor of Physical Therapy reviews the chapter that Maeve Whelan wrote
“Functional anatomy is reviewed in chapter 13 in relation to manual release techniques. This is one of the best reviews of functional anatomy I have read and describes the techniques in great detail. Physiotherapist Maeve Whelan explains “direction-specific manual therapy,” taking into account the fiber direction in deciding release technique. Male, female, vaginal, and rectal techniques are included.
This chapter also includes a discussion of breathing release of the pelvic floor muscle with diaphragm breathing. The video in this section is a very good pictorial display of diaphragm breathing with abdominal wall and pelvic floor muscle relaxation.”

See more at:


“remarkable chapter by an Irish physiotherapist is worth the price of the book alone, titled; Practical anatomy, examination, palpation and manual therapy release techniques for the pelvic floor.”

Another review of the same book, by Jerry Hesch PT


Hi Maeve, I’ve promised to send an electronic hug and a thanks to you from one of my vulvodynia patients: Well, I say one of “my” patients…..I didn’t do very much at all. A few months ago she couldn’t tolerate an examination so I directed her to your website and DVD and she’s made heaps of progress – can flop and drop in all the right places and is back to happy times with her hubby!
Physiotherapist J L

Help Across The Pond
As difficult as it is here in the states to find qualified professionals to treat pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD), Europeans have an even worse time.  For this reason, I was very excited to stumble across: Pelvic Physiotherapy for Pelvic Pain . I am usually wary of sites that give information on pelvic pain and give instruction on strengthening the pelvic floor.  The site is VERY clear about learning to relax completely before jumping into strengthening, and I LOVE the descriptions of the relaxation sequences.  Sniff, Flop, Drop.  Even I can remember that.
Thanks, Maeve Whelan, for coming up with this wonderful resource for women all over the world!
Blogger Molly Miller  21-Feb-2010

I bought your DVD and it has been a great help to me at home. I have been able to work though the sequence of exercises and can really feel the release now where I struggled before. Thanks I feel I have got there much quicker.
Patient M.S.

Excellent from a brillant physiotherapist – Maeve Whelan very helpful when doing Pilates
Amazon Patient review

This is a great DVD, really helped me with pelvic pain. I saw it recommended on several websites. It’s very clear and goes at a good pace, great for home use.
Amazon review