Welcome to the new look Pelvic Physiotherapy website! It is finally live after the last few months of tireless website designing.

The old version was established in 2009. The website has been used extensively in Europe and the rest of the world for men and women wanting to learn more about their pelvic floor. Physiotherapists have referred their patients to the site to learn the exercises as an adjunct to the treatment that they receive. Patients and professionals needing to locate physiotherapists using pelvic floor manual therapy for chronic pelvic pain conditions also report that they use it.

The aim of this new site is that through improved navigation the learning process will be easier and result in improved outcomes. It should be easier to find a therapist and in providing courses there is an ever-growing list of physiotherapists. Links to other websites will also help patients in locations closer to them.

The DVD was first produced in order to help patients who could not attend for regular treatment themselves and needed to work on their pelvic floor at home either for release or for strengthening. The website supports the DVD where the DVD provided additional explanation and movement graphics over a 45 minute programme of learning and exercises sequences.

The overriding theme that was present in the old site and comes through in this site again and again is same as the title that is used in the DVD – Release to Balance. The pelvic floor should be released before it is balanced with the rest of the core and then strengthened. Generally (but not always), if you don’t feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting and they have become weak – part of what is holding them back is the same type of muscle tension that you feel in the neck and back. Therefore the approach is to let that tension go and then proceed with the balance and strengthening.

This site will continue to develop by providing information on pelvic floor disorders, information for professionals on ongoing courses and an expanding list of therapists in UK, Ireland and internationally.

We would welcome your feedback.



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